Thursday, April 12, 2012

getting better all the time

I think he has had a 4 hour stretch 90% of nights now, for the past few weeks. I started giving over night time potty duties to daddy, and it is helping me get better rest. So he nurses about 3 times, and after each time he goes to pee. Sounds like a normal baby!

I got "the Fussy Baby Book" by Dr. Sears from the library, and it describes their fourth child, a "high needs" child. It's soo Luca. Always needs human touch, doesn't like all the products made to soothe babies, is either super happy or super angry, very sensitive to stimuli, very sensitive to foods, doesn't sleep well, etc. It's great to know there are other babies like him... it completely changes my mindset from one of panic ("Oh my gosh, he's crying again!! What's wrong with him? What did I do wrong?") to one of acceptance ("Ok, he's crying again because that's what he does to tell me he needs to be close to me."). I also discovered he sleeps and naps better if he has human contact. Ash swears if he puts his hand over his head, he goes back to sleep! I cuddle up as close as I can now (I was trying not to touch him before, because I thought I would wake him up or he would wake me).

He's actually easier to take places now than he was before, even though he wants to get into everything. He loves the "adventure", as we call it.


Edit: Oh yeah, I don't know why I keep forgetting but I guess it's a big deal: his first word was the day after Easter- MAMA!

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