Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Ash and I successfully applied for medicaid last week. Since we're both unemployed and I'm pregnant, it should be pretty easy to get Lucca and I insurance (I already have insurance, but it likely will only cover half of the home birth so this should cover the rest). Ash of course will continue life without health insurance since the government apparently doesn't insure guys like him. Good thing he's so extremely healthy (but of course, we're screwed if he gets hit by a bus or even just needs antibiotics).

I looked into paying for healthcare for Lucca, but it's ridiculous. I would pay something like $110 a month at least, and my deductible would be so high ($3500-$5000), and even after that they only pay like 50-70% of costs... it's not worth it by a long shot. Same thing for insurance for Ash. I have called many, many family practice places but nobody is taking medicaid patients, so that means we will have to find one of those shady clinics to take him to.

Is it hard to gain Canadian citizenship? Because this crap is ridiculous.

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