Friday, November 25, 2011


Luca, 3.5 months:


I'm a big fan of homeopathy, and our family has been seeing Susan Delaney for years (since we were babies!). I took Luca to her on Monday, to see if she could help with his colic. She gave us three remedies to try. The first did not work (actually made it worse). Last night and this morning he took the second remedy... he's like a different baby today! He is still fussy, but he has had two periods of about half an hour where he was not only happy, but BEAMING and playing and having fun!! Tomorrow should be even better.. but how he sleeps tonight should be the real test. Last night he only cried when he woke up at about 6:30am (rather than every 2 hours like the rest of the week). I'm hoping he brings back his 4-6 hour stretch like when we were in Charleston! Dr. Delaney said it was curious he did better in Charleston, because the remedy she gave us (the second one, the one we're on now) comes from a plant that grows on the seashore.

Luca managed to grab his feet this morning for the first time... he was so proud of himself! Then he couldn't get them in his mouth and got mad. Right now he is playing with my sweater sleeve while I type... it's so sweet. It's so nice to see him actually play. I feel like his development has been a bit delayed because of his crying all the time. He has so much more time to learn now!

Here we are at our favorite restaurant in the world, G&M. He made a big poop and we had left the diaper bag at home:



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