Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here's to feeling beautiful!

I have been feeling a lot better already! Yesterday was GLORIOUS and almost 60 degrees, so I took the baby I was watching on two 20 minute walks (one in the baby bjorn and one in the stroller). I have actually SLEPT the past two nights, only waking up once to pee (as opposed to waking up every hour due to either peeing or nightmares). Gosh, sleep makes all the difference in the world. Ash also took our bed off of the frame and put it on the floor, which makes it a LOT easier to get on and off. It also has a different... energy. It feels more grounded to lay in it, as opposed to a suspended bed that counter-moves whenever you wiggle or turn over. It's nice to feel like you are laying on solid ground. It helps me sleep.

Some pictures finally turned up from the wedding we went to (and played in) last October in Nashville.


I feel like that dress was sort of a dare to myself.... it really is a great dress, a one-of-a-kind altered vintage slip made by an artist in Asheville. I didn't shave my legs and I paired it with the vintage shoes from my wedding. From my point of view it was the perfect outfit and I felt very much myself in it, but it's pretty close to being a naked, hairy hippie at a wedding in which pearls and cardigans are the norm. I don't know whether I got a lot of compliments because people didn't know what else to say or if people actually liked it! At the dinner afterward, I put on tights and a shawl so it would be more evening appropriate. I just had this overwhelming realization that I wasn't going to be in my early 20's for very long, and that is really the only time when you can pull off stuff like this. I have watched too much "What Not to Wear" in my lifetime to go too crazy!! But I really felt quite beautiful that day, more than I had in a while. Since self-esteem was such a priority for myself last year, I'm glad I bought the dress that I fell in love with and not something safe. You can't hold (or nurse) a baby in a dress like that, so I may never get to wear it again!


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